I’m gonna write this like I expect no one to read it.

Depression is like the daunting storms eerily given the name tropical depressions that threaten to spin out of control into hurricanes.

They boast destruction and heighten anxiety yet you can never be sure whether or not they’re coming.

They brag heavy precipitation but sometimes only lightly drizzle

They’re highly unpredictable

We have to stay prepared

Storm shutters, preparedness packets including legal documents and flashlights

God forbid we need to use it but we also agree on safe meet up places should we ever get separated

Downed power lines

Shattered roofs, the possibility of carnage just a carnal twisted imagination

Lest it happens

When depression strikes it takes your physical body with it. It’s illness all around

Your nervous system scatters about looking for coverage as the news reporters send shock waves of the pending storm.

The forecasters let…

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